Berrylite Box

We, as Berrylite team, are specialized in creating individualized programs that suit you personally. The “Berrylite Box” is our full dietary program package where our clients get all their daily meals customized to their needs. These nutritional plans include:

• “Youth Box”:

• “Mum-to-be Box”:

Rich in all nutrients that help you promoting your child’s growth and development. Yet it focuses on portion and calorie control to achieve the expected results. Rich in Calcium, Iron and Folic Acid Low in trans and saturated fats. Enough calories to meet your increased nutritional needs… for a healthy weight gain.

• “Regular Diet Box”:

Perfectly balanced meals that combine the pleasure of eating with a healthy program to help you lose your extra kilos

• “Cardio Box”:

Rich in antioxidants, fibers Low in cholesterol, sodium, trans and saturated fats

• “Special Care Box”:

Well-planned meals helping you to control your medical conditions (low sugar, low protein, low fiber…)

Full board

Breakfast + lunch + salad + desert + fruit + Dinner  25 USD

*1300, 1500 and 1700 Calories

We deliver your fresh meals right out of our kitchen to your doorstep covering Beirut, Metn, and Kesserouan area. Contact us now for more details.